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Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad

Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad

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3/4 length super light Insoles for reducing strain on the foot & lower leg
Size L and XL Only: Buy 1 Pair, Get 1 Pair for $9.99 and Free Shipping!

What are they?
Bridge Soles are designed specifically to take pressure off neuromas and other forefoot problems, as well as Plantar Fasciosis (formerly Plantar Fasciitis), and the Achilles Tendon. In addition, Bridge Soles are great for pulling pressure off of the lower calves which makes them an ideal tool for helping people transition from traditional shoes to more natural and/or zero drop footwear. Bridge Soles are designed to be a bridge to help relax and take pressure off the foot and lower leg while they adapt to a stronger, healthier state so they are no longer needed.

Designed to help with:

*Forefoot pain, including neuromas, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, and more
*Plantar fasciosis (plantar fasciitis) and other arch and heel discomfort
*Reducing pressure on achilles & calves

How do they work?

1) Metatarsal Pad helps reduce forefoot pressure while encouraging natural alignment

2) Soft, Flexible Arch allows the arch to relax

3) Deep Heel Cup comfortably reduces heel pressure

= Together, the Triple Adapt support areas comfortably reduce the body’s “landing response” & help the foot and lower leg to stay more relaxed, pulling pressure off those areas while they are adapting and  strengthening.

Dampening the body’s landing response system is far more effective than simply adding a heel lift for pulling pressure off the heel, Achilles, or for adapting to lower drop shoes. This allows a more seamless transition, without the need to drastically reduce training. Bridge Soles are ideally intended to be worn under your existing insoles for a few days to a max of a few months at a time, and then kept around until they are needed again. 

Available for a discounted early bird price spring 2023. 

SIZING: Size down a size if using primarily for the met pad. Sizing is accurate for landing response dampening (i.e. Achilles, Plantar, Footwear Adaption, etc.) 
Size Women's Range
Men's Range
Small 5-8
Medium 8.5+ 7-9
Large 11+ 9.5-11.5
XL 12-15

-Weight: 0.5oz (S) – 0.8oz (XL)
-Heel thickness = 10mm
-Met Pad thickness = 8mm
-Drop from heel to tip of insole = 8mm
-Drop from heel to Met Pad = 2mm
-Functional drop from heel to forefoot (weighted): 3-4mm
-Heel is softer and is designed to break down faster so the drop will slowly reduce to     1mm to 0mm of drop after approximately 100 hours of wear, where it will stay.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Bridge Soles FAQ's:

Q: How long will it take for Bridge Soles to break in?
A: For most people, Bridge Soles will feel very comfortable right out of the box. However, expect a few hours of wear for your foot and the met pad to get used to each other. It may even be a little uncomfortable the first couple of hours as your plantar fascia and foot muscles get used to being stretched and put back in to their natural position. This is especially relevant for those dealing with certain plantar fascia issues...some initial met pad discomfort may be a good thing. Dose it in slow and give your foot a week of slowly getting used to it to work its magic.

Q: What is the 30 day guarantee on Bridge Soles?
A: Use them as much as you want for 30 days! Because Bridge Soles are one part of a process to getting healthier feet---and not just a band-aid or "quick fix" that doesn't get to the root of the problem---their may be adjustments and growing pains that are part of the process the first few weeks. We actually prefer pairs to be worn for a few weeks rather than returned mostly unused.

Q: How are Bridge Soles different from typical insoles?
A: Most insoles are fairly firm, full-length, and try to force or control the arch and foot. However, most foot conditions respond better to soft than firm. Additionally, full-length insoles often compromise toe room. Bridge Soles are 3/4 length so they can add cushion and softness to a shoe without compromising toe room. They also have the added benefit of reversing toe spring. Toe spring is a harmful feature of most shoes that keeps your toes up in the air rather than flat on the ground. Toe spring takes your foot out of its natural position, weakens the extensor (top of foot) muscles, and puts more pressure on the ball of foot area, contributing to issues like neuromas, plantar fasciosis, and more.

How might Bridge Soles help my forefoot pain?
Unlike other insoles and shoes, Bridge Soles actually target the root cause of neuromas and other forefoot issues. See how here.

How are Bridge Soles designed to help with plantar fasciitis?
First off, the plantar fascia responds much better to soft than firm. Next, understanding that this condition is now medically called plantar fasciosis, not plantar fasciitis is key. There is simply no inflammation found in people who have had this issue for more than a couple of weeks, which changes the entire treatment approach. Knowing this, we set out to create an insole that targets relaxing all of the areas of the foot that affect the plantar fascia---heel, arch, and metatarsals. For more info on how to use Bridge Soles to help with Plantar Fasciosis, see here.


-Weight: 0.5oz (S) – 0.8oz (XL)
-Heel thickness = 10mm
-Met Pad thickness = 8mm
-Drop from heel to tip of insole = 8mm
-Drop from heel to Met Pad = 2mm
-Functional drop from heel to forefoot (weighted): 3-4mm
-Heel is softer and is designed to break down faster so the drop will slowly reduce to     1mm to 0mm of drop after approximately 100 hours of wear, where it will stay. 


'PR Performance Foam' - 100% PU (Polyurethane).
Insoles made of PU have been shown in research to take strain off of the Achilles tendon.

Shipping & Returns

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$1.99 shipping for orders $19.99 and under.

Return Policy

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Small: 190mmx77mm
Medium: 204mmx84mm
Large: 220mmx88mm
X-Large: 237mmx92mm

Care Instructions

Machine Wash: Gentle with liquid detergent in cold water. Air Dry on flat surface.
Hand wash with mild detergent.

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