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Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad

Bridge Soles - 3/4 Length Insoles with Met Pad

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3/4 length super light Insoles for reducing strain on the foot & lower leg

Early launch special: Buy 1 pair of BridgeSoles, get 1 for $6 and free shipping!
OR use code EARLYBIRD for $5 off one pair. 

Note: Shipping will be paused during Spring Break from March 21st to 24th. 

What are they?
Bridge Soles are designed specifically to take pressure off neuromas and other forefoot problems, as well as Plantar Fasciosis (formerly Plantar Fasciitis), and the Achilles Tendon. In addition, Bridge Soles are great for pulling pressure off of the lower calves which makes them an ideal tool for helping people transition from traditional shoes to more natural and/or zero drop footwear. Bridge Soles are designed to be a bridge to help relax and take pressure off the foot and lower leg while they adapt to a stronger, healthier state so they are no longer needed.

Designed to help with:

*Forefoot pain, including neuromas, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, and more
*Plantar fasciosis (plantar fasciitis) and other arch and heel discomfort
*Reducing pressure on achilles & calves,

How do they work?

1) Metatarsal Pad helps reduce forefoot pressure while encouraging natural alignment

2) Soft, Flexible Arch allows the arch to relax

3) Deep Heel Cup comfortably reduces heel pressure

= Together, the Triple Adapt support areas comfortably reduce the body’s “landing response” & help the foot and lower leg to stay more relaxed, pulling pressure off those areas while they are adapting and  strengthening.

Dampening the body’s landing response system is far more effective than simply adding a heel lift for pulling pressure off the heel, Achilles, or for adapting to lower drop shoes. This allows a more seamless transition, without the need to drastically reduce training. Bridge Soles are ideally intended to be worn under your existing insoles for a few days to a max of a few months at a time, and then kept around until they are needed again. 

Available for a discounted early bird price spring 2023. 

SIZING: Size down if using solely for the met pad, or get the bigger size if using for adapting to more natural footwear. 
Size Women's Range
Men's Range
Small 5-8
Medium 8.5-11 7-9
Large 11.5+ 9.5-11.5
XL 12-15


-Weight: 0.5oz (S) – 0.8oz (XL)
-Heel thickness = 10mm
-Met Pad thickness = 8mm
-Drop from heel to tip of insole = 8mm
-Drop from heel to Met Pad = 2mm
-Measured functional drop from heel to forefoot (weighted): 3-4mm
-Heel is softer and is designed to break down faster so the drop will slowly reduce to     1mm to 0mm of drop after approximately 100 hours of wear, where it will stay.  


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